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Radarman PSU Recommendations?

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It may be this week when I go out to buy the graphics card you have Group Wave

Just one thing I may have a problem with Umm...

Do you and would I need a PSU ❓ I don't know a thing about these, how they're fitted, what Wattage etc.

On the inside of my case it does say that the DC Output is 300W. Does this mean I'll be OK ❓

I've had a look at Tom's Hardware site and picked up a few things but was just wondering if you could shed any light on the matter.

Thanks Radar for any advice 👍

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Your better off then I am, I only have a 240 or 250, I can't remember.
The less USB items that you have running on it the less the drag.
I can't see why you should have any problems with your p/s although they do recommend much more powerful ones.
Something on the order of 480w, but so few people have those, the companies (Dell, Gateway) used to put cheapos like I have in their machines.

Don't worry about it, you should be fine, just keep the inside of the case clean, especially the CPU fan blades. They are close together in the factory aluminum ones.

I had room next to my card to put a PCI fan in, they're cheap if you have the room.

Your going to be very happy with the new results, let us know how you like it.


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sylvan First Officer

Thanks RadarMan for the info and a very useful link. I was going to ask what your settings were in need now.

I will certainly let you know how I like it and post some screenies.

Are you aware of the program 3DMark? I have a ATI 9200SE at the moment and my 3DMark score is 626. In a review I read someone got a score of 17,500 with the 9800Pro. If thats the case I should have forked out the money long ago.

Tomorrow is the birthday....a few day's off work and time to fiddle about with my new aquasition.

Once again

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Yes I ran 3 benchmark tests (huge downloads) on my old card then on the new one and the difference in results were mind boggling.
I never kept the numbers, sorry.
Both in numbers and how many of the tests within the test I could run.
The quality (wait until you see the running water) was amazing.
Happy Birthday and many more. You will enjoy this gift.


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sylvan First Officer

What can I say...WOW

Posted some screenies so should show up soon

Did a 3DMark and scored 2366 a little better than the poxy 656 from my old card. The running water was fantastic.

The link you gave and the information on it made a vast differance.

Very happy with it. Thanks Radar your a Saint 👏

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RadarMan Chief Captain

👍 What a super jump if the benchmark test, you have a whole new Sim to work with.
I can't wait to see those screen shots.


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Hi Radar

Small problem.........I thought it was going too well. Unsure

On system start up I get two error messages concerning CLI.exe. This I think is the ATI Catalyst Control Centre which the shortcut is on my desktop.

The 1st error states

CLI.exe - Common Language Runtime Debugging Services
Application has generated an exception and couldn't be handled
Process id=0x2f0(752), Thread id=0x804(2052)
Click OK to terminate the app
Click Cancel to debug the app

Clicking Cancel gives me another error message
Clicking OK gives me the same message as above but with differant Process and Thread id numbers.

Do I actually need Control Centre? Because everything is running fine apart from these messages and the fact I can't enter the Control Centre anyway.

Iv'e had a look at the ATI website but they don't have these messages in their FAQ.

Do you use the Centre for anything?

Your help appreciated as always

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I don't use that, to me it had too many settings that could go wrong.
I downloaded the old panel and that works just fine.
Try deleting it and installing the old panel and see how it works.
You do need a panel to set the AA and AF.


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mikecurrie Trainee

make sure ur running the latest .NET version (free from microsoft). You dont have to use the full blown version of catalyst, but it should work. Make sure u try uninstalling, restarting and installed again, especially if u have gone from one ATI card to another with the same drivers and nor re-installing, can cause a few problems

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