please help me level d 767 for fsx

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Karlw Captain

Whenever I try to install any amount of repaint using the repaint manager it never loads the install button remains grey and unselectable please I want to install new livery I only have the level d livery please help thanks

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bawls327 Captain

make sure you use these steps:
when downloaded the repaint extract it to your aircraft folder and find where the 767 is, then under that 767 find the downloads folder and put it there. Then you open your repaint manager and click add repaints and then your done.

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Karlw Captain

Thank you I've done that but when I click on the repaint I don't even have to check it it just doesn't load anything I can't install and repaints at all there in the lvld 767 downloads folder i'll try again and rport back after


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