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Alright... We all know how you can install Aircraft into the game, and we all know that someone somewhere is makeing those aircrafts so that we can use them. What I was wandering is how to make your own. I wanted to make some custom aircraft, and even some non realistic stuff (flying boats, cars, something!) I was hopeing someone could tell me what program you use to creat the airplanes and were to get it!

Please help me... I have a good bit of experience in game mods. (Formula 1)... but I don't know were to start in FS2004! 😉


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You can design your own aircraft with GMAX the tools are located on Disk#1 of the flight sim.
I understand that they are more difficult but as you know the better aircraft are usually made with them. (my opinion)
Good luck and let us see your first creation.

Might as well take a look at this also.


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please help me in installing addon aircraft

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To the guest,

I would tell you that you are going to need the FSDS Ver.2.25 and Nova1+. I would direct you to the following: ~congratulations & good luck with your design aspirations~

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