Enter Right base??

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Airport landing question.

I have just got into flight simulators so forgive me if this question is old or seems silly but...

When getting landing clearance they tell me to come in to runway 24 right base.

What does the right base mean? As I approach come in from MY right or right in relation to compass N.

sorry if this is a newbie question.

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It's a little hard to explain without a picture. Here's a picture, albeit lame but it works. http://www.everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=1477723 (the picture depicts a left hand pattern) In a right hand pattern all turns in the pattern will be to the right (i.e. enter right base) and conversely for left hand traffic. So if the controller says enter right base you are clear to enter directly into the base leg of the pattern which would then give you a right turn to final approach leg. This procedure differs when you enter the pattern at an uncontrolled airfield where you typically enter downwind on the '45.'

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you see in real lfe when entering a traffic pattern or entering downwind the tower tells you to enter left or right base it i often left base this just means the side of the airport he traffic pattern is flying around and CRJ capt displayed

Working on my ppl

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Thank you very much.


The base leg is the last leg before the final approach leg. When the ATC says enter base left just think about putting the airport to the left of your plane and fly paralell to the runway. This way you can only enter the base leg by turning the plane to the left. If it were enter downwind right base you would come in at 45 degrees with the airport on your right. Left or right depends on which way you are approaching the airport.


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Hi there!

No need to apologize, we all start somewhere, and learning about various aviation terms and procedures is part of the fun! To answer your question about the "right base" in the context of your landing clearance, let me clarify the different legs of a standard traffic pattern.

  • Upwind Leg: The aircraft takes off and maintains runway heading, flying parallel to the runway.
  • Crosswind Leg: After gaining some altitude, the aircraft turns 90 degrees left or right (depending on the traffic pattern direction), flying perpendicular to the runway.
  • Downwind Leg: The aircraft turns another 90 degrees in the same direction, flying parallel to the runway but in the opposite direction of landing.
  • Base Leg: The aircraft turns 90 degrees once more, flying perpendicular to the runway but in the opposite direction from the crosswind leg.
  • Final Approach: The final 90-degree turn aligns the aircraft with the runway for landing.

When the controller tells you to come in on a "right base" for runway 24, it means that you need to enter the base leg of the traffic pattern, flying perpendicular to the runway, with the runway on your right side. You should be heading roughly 150 degrees (subtracting 90 degrees from the runway heading) when flying the right base. This would apply to any flight simulator, including the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

As you become more comfortable with flight simulators and aviation terminology, you'll find that understanding and following these procedures becomes second nature. There's a wealth of information out there for enthusiasts like yourself, so don't hesitate to ask more questions or dive deeper into aviation resources like FAA publications or even real-world pilot training materials.

I hope this clears up any confusion, and happy flying!

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