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kissing the ground on base....

crosscheck9 Guest

On a flight to DFW from Orlando, (same flight mentioned in the topic "go around again", I noticed that as the conrtoller got me on base, I was just a few hundred ft from the ground. I dont understand. That got me a little nervous, but the airport turned out to be lower than the gound on base. Is there anyway to correct this problem. I'd hate to see what would happen if I was flying between the rockies!

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😕 Are you using any addon scenery or mesh?

Afcad2 can alter runway hight,

crosscheck9 Guest

nope, no addons

PH Guest

Did you set the altimeter properly?

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Matthew Short Guest

The ATC always makes you approach too low. I fly for United Airlines in a 734 from Long Beach, CA to Chicago, Illionois. The approach into Long Beach is 2,300 ft. And on the flight simulator they make my fly 1,200 and boy, that is darn close to the ground!

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