Please Help Me With My Airbus Callouts!

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Need some help here, I downloaded an Airbus Altitude Call Out file and I can't get the thing to work. I have been messing around with 3rd party add on panels etc for years now...but I can't get this thing to work with my Airbus! Ok, the sound files themselves are simple enough, you are instructed to put all of those in your main sound folder, but there is also a gauge type file...all it instructs one to do is unzip it...but unzip to where? I have put it my main gauge luck, I've tried puting it in my Airbus Panel luck.....any ideas?

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Try Project Magneta. Easy to use and has all call outs and sounds for Airbus and Boeing; and its free!

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Hi... Even though you have the callouts in the sound folder, there is a line you have to add in the panel.cfg. I have an airbus A320 and here is the callout I have used to call the file from the sounds folder. It's not for the A320 but it doesn't matter as long as the reference is to what is in your sound folder.

gauge42=FPDA_A330_Callout, 476,420,56,66

Merely look at the last entry in your window00 in the panel.cfg folder or whatever is the first window and add this line at the end. Be sure to increment the number after gauge to the next one on the list. It may not be the correct one but try to match it with what you have in the sound folder. You can also use the Boeing 747 sound as well.

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