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Hello guys!

I've been looking for a nice Airbus callouts, but couldn't find anything. I've found a A320 panel (which I already have) that has callouts but the "Retard retard retard!" callout doen't come and that's the coolest one 😎

Anyway, I checked my Sound folder and I saw the FPDA_A320-Retard .wav file but that callout doesn't come when I'm about to touchdown. What can I do about it?

Also, does someone have some takeoff callouts? For example:
"100........V1....VR...Rotate!........Gear up" That's also cool to have but I couldn't find any panel or sound file.

Thanks in advance

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

No one replied to my post, but that's ok. I still love you, guys 😉

I asked the same question in my VA forum and they told me something that was useful to me. The only problem is that I need to configure the Panel.cfg, which I'm not that experienced with that sort of thing.
But anyway, I have now some cool callouts in some panels. Another alternative was to merge the PSS panel with any of my aircraft, but I couldn't figure out how. It is actually hard to do it.

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