question about fs2004 on vista

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i am running fs2004 on vista and it plays just fine, the only problem i am having is that i can only play in full screen mode, if i try to play with the menu bar on the top, the screen freezes untill i change it back. i ran this on xp and it worked just fine.
windows is in 1680x1050 and so is fs, i tried to change the resolution in fs but still nothing, am i missing something?

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Chris Morris (morris91) Captain

I really don't have a clue???

but i used to run flight simulator on vista for a while before i turned to fsx
but the fs9 worked fine

but when you mean the menu bar up top do you mean when you press ALT key and have the buttons uo top or the windows vista bar??

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thunderbird522 Trainee

I just took Vista off and put XP back on. Vista SUCKS!!!!!

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