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loading planes into program after downloading from internet

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We're having problems with sound on the Cessena 185 and some of the other planes we downloaded aren't showing up, ? mark. Any ideas to assit us with this. From a mom and her 10 year old son

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Read the sticky about installing aircraft into fs 2004 at the top of this forum topic and follow it carefully. If you are still having problems either try a different plane or post the problem here in more detail and wait for a more experienced simmer than me to help you. 😀.

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Welcome to Flyaway! Group Wave

Here's the link to the installation guide,

Good luck! 😀

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Any further problems please post again and we'll do our best to help ! 😀

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heres how to do it with installing aircraft with out confusion:

1. ok first is first download the aircraft.

2. once the aircraft is finished downloading it should open up if it doesn't do this by clicking the button "open" on the right side of the download screen.

3. once open use "extract files" on the left side of the screen using extraction wizard.

4. open the read me file either in or out of the folder. if it does read it and it will tell you how to install.

5. this one is very complicated and requires attention to get the aircraft to fully work if it doesnt have a read me file

ok first open the aircraft folder of there are folders called guages and effects dont worry abou those right now ok now take the folder that has the aircraft model etc... and click on it but dont open it up just do that and there should be a button the left side of the screen called "move folder" now once you did that itll take you to a small screen ok go to drive(c🙂 and then it wil bring up some other stuff click on "program files" then from there go to "microsoft games" the considering you nly have fs2004 or fsx or maybe both open up the fs the aircraft belongs to(if you put it in another fs it wont work unless compatible with fs2004 and fs2002) then click the aircraft folder once and press ok on the bottom of the small screen.if you have fsx then instead of going to aircraft folder right away you have to got o :simObjects" then place it in that aircraft folder. ok now that thats done we can get to the effects and guages folder (NOTE: not all aircraft will have these files). ok open the guages folder and copy all the files within. now on top of the screen there will be a tool called "folders" click on that and go to fs2004 or other fs and instead of clicking the aircaft folder right click the guages folder and press paste and thats it. now to the effects folder do the same thing as the guages folder copy the files with on and go to "folders" then to program files etc.. once in the fs2004 folder go to the effects folder and right click then paste.

hope that helped if not pm me(private message) and ill help you with all your all of your fs2004 troubles and hopefully i can help you

o and i almost forgot welcome to the forums 😀

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You got your avatar and signature working acepilot 😀

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might need to make the sig a lil smaller though.... cut off the top and bottom of the pic and leave the F16. That will work.

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yeah i agree or resize it in some program

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