Fs2004 Failures

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Never tried out any failures yet but was wondering if anyone has or knows off a basic Emgergency Handbook / Help guide to failures

ie - Engine Failures (What to do)
Gear Failure
etc etc


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you really not ganna get any failures in flight. the only way to get failures is if you plan the failures which really makes the failures unrealistic because the know your going to get a failure.

and no i don't think there is a handbook for that in fs2004 but you could find on over the internet

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Drew B (belgeode) Chief Captain

hey coolcat... you want failures?

Get FSPassengers and set it to say 5% failures... then go to the cfg files and activate all the different types of failures you can have...

Most flights will be ok, but it is that uncertainty... nothing causes an adrenalin rush like hearing your copilot say:

"WHOOOOAAA... we got an engine flameout!"

Then having to muscle the plane down safely.

The only downside to FSPassengers is even after you declare a mayday (Control Shift M), the tower still treats you like you are on course with no problems. Hopeully they can update that.

So far I have experienced a birdstrike, and fuel leaks. Both times it kept me on my toes but I was able to get all souls down to terra firma with no casualties.

And yes I saved the flight after.

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VegasFlyer Chief Captain

Welcome to the forums Coolcat...! 😀

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Harry Lodge (coolcatkelso) Trainee

Hi guys

Thanks for the nice welcome 😀

I have FSPassangers installed & Voxatc 😀

But was looking for help with failures, almost like a How to recovery thing as real pilots would have an emergency handbook listing different failures and how they could recover the aircraft?

Any ideas?

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Drew B (belgeode) Chief Captain

best i can tell you is search online for something. like if you fly a 737 check for a 737 guide. I found something the other day but i forget the site.

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mossy First Officer

Most payware planes come with these guides, normally copied from the real handbook and modified for fs.
Otherwise, do as belgeode says, google '-Aircraft- handbook.'

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