Keep Getting Electrical Failures!


This is the strangest thing! About 5-8 minutes into a flight all my electrical instruments fail....blank displays! I don't have any failures set but when that happens, it shows up in the failures that my electical has failed. I reset it but it doesn't help...still black. If I select 'choose aircraft' it's fine for another few minutes then bang..again. I have the latest patch, Dx and viseo drivers. This is driving me batty! The program was working fine until I installed Half Life 2 but I can't see a corrolation between the two.

Has anyone esle seent his happen? Or can anyone offer ant advice? I've already reinstalled the game with no effect. I do have a few add-on aircraft and one add-on airport (FS-France's CDG airport) but that's it.


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It's difficult to say. I know the MSTrain can cause a problem with the flight sim so why can't Half Life, just a thought.

Read this thread and see if it helps.
The latest video driver isn't always the best.
Let us know how you do.



Could it be that HL2 installs some drivers that cause this problem? Hmm, I'll try rolling back the drivers and see what happens. Thanks Radarman, I'll give that a try.

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If that won't work maybe uninstalling "H.L." will.



Ok go figure. I changed aircraft from the Boeing 747 and 737 that I both tried previously to (randomly selected) King Air and Lear. The problem did not occur. When I went back to the Boeings it seems to have went away!

All I can attribute that to is a glitch! Like I said...go figure!

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