Fellow FSX Newbies?

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Jim Lapinsky (7ECA-Captain) First Officer

Hi, I would love to talk to some of those who are new to FSX as well as those who are a little more experienced so we can get more enjoyment out of the sim and share input to common problems as we learn about it. Perhaps some of us have experienced and dealt with some basic problem that another new guy is wrestling with. Seems like it would be a good idea to have a forum dealing with this. 🙄

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RadarMan Chief Captain

This forum is for general problems and hints, it is now 161 pages long. Just about everything has been covered, check it out with search.


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I would be more than happy to have you join me in a multiplayer game. I fly 737-747 and can help you answer questions if you want.

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Jim Lapinsky (7ECA-Captain) First Officer

Thanks, I would love to get into multi player games, but I think it might be too early for me just yet. I've been flying the 172 as that is what I'm most familiar with in the real world (they don't have a Citabria download yet...) to get the idea of FSX. I'm working up to other types and have found the Beaver, DC-3, Grumman Goose, and Jet Ranger to be great flyers as well. I have to admit the FSX 172 version is far more difficult to fly than the actual aircraft, and might be experiencing difficulties as I am a real world pilot and my actual flight insticts are interfering with how the sim wants to be flown. In flying the pattern as I would in the real world, it is way off of where flight sim wants to be. The reference points are differnet and I find I have trouble lining up on final either short of or way past final and needing to adjust a lot to line up with the runway.

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mossy First Officer

real air do an excellent citabria for fs9, check their webstie and see if they have an fsx upgrade, as it is quite possible they do.

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Jim Lapinsky (7ECA-Captain) First Officer

A big "Scott Tailwheel" salute to you Mossy, I'll check it out. Fun to fly a sim Ctab...

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