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hey, does any1 understand how ur supposed to taxi at idle, eg. when i taxi the 737, i have to stay at around 40% N1 thrust. plz help

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To the best of my knowledge it is impossible to taxi at idle. The only thing you can do is to pushback from the gate, which does not require any power.
For taxiing just make sure you don't exceed 20kts, as planes are difficult to manouver at higher speeds (on the ground that is)

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Some guides and documents refer to "Taxi at Idle", but this refers to "Once rolling".... in other words your gonna need a fair bit of N1 to get the Aircraft rolling up to about 18 - 20 kts then you should coast the majority of the taxi.

You see in some aircraft, the plane will stop pretty much instantaneously unless a small degree of thrust is maintained (some Regional Jets are like this).

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Speaking of which....
The "auto-taxi" function on the Greg panel is said to have you taxiing automatically at about 15 knots, when I tried it out all it does is give full thrust, then power idle until you slow down, then full thrust again, idle...and so on. Is it supposed to do it like that?
My passengers are gonna be seasick after 5 minutes taxiing like that Surprised

BTW - the Boeing 767-300ER I have taxies at like 64% N1 😳

Is that realistic Rules, or a little design error?

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The 747 Ready For Pushback also has Auto-Taxi and manages the thrust better in order to maintain the Taxi speed.... I suspect the Greg737 is a simpler design, that is perhaps using an AutoThrottle file to achieve it's goal.

I suspect the 767 is not far off - the 727 also takes some pretty serious thrust to get it moving - especially if it stops on a turn.

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Surprised you don't have it then, GPS? The 767-300ER...
Think it's a beauty of a plane, for Long hauls...Wink

Only "but" is that it's missing a decent panel....(well - meaning I havent found one yet) the A/C I downloaded has a crap panel - so installed a different one i found on avsim, still looking for a better one though

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Just a bit of info. "Idle" is not the same thing as "Hit F1" F1 in the sim is the throttle equivalent of "cut-off" as in, NO GAS!!!!!!! :O

Idle depends on the aircraft, and it's cut-off N1 setting.

For example, the DVA B757-200's throttle Cut Off is 17.6N1. Idle is 37.6 N1. Moving power is somewhere near 42% N1.

If you look at the learjet's throttle quadrant, you'll see the throttle settings for Cut-Off, Idle, and others.

Oh, just so it's not confusing, when I say "Cut Off" I'm NOT referring to the fuel flow cut off. It is, as i said, as far back as the throttles can go before reverse thrust is initiated.

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