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how do i get jet flames

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for a long time i have wanted to get jet flames and i dont no how. Help me!!!!!

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The "effect" has to be part of the aircraft design and not all have it.
When it does there usually is a mention of it and the key-stroke for it in the read-me that accompanies the aircraft in the downloaded zip file.


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Yeah, as AFAIK, boeing is yet to fit afterburners to any of its fleet. Something to do with not actually needing them... 😳

Maybe if you can find a good F-A 18, you'll get some fireworks.

Elkin Guest

I have found it quite easy to ´´rob´´ various things from planes and install them on others. Reading your post, I will try and rob the AB effects from my B 58 Hustler and install it on another plane.
I will inform all as to if it works or not.

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