Calling GPS KID!

PH Guest

GPS drop me a line on I have an early xmas present for you. Tried the address I had for you but it bounced 😞

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Hi PH,

Sorry for the delay, out on a work visit for a few days do been off-line!

I've just dropped you an email now buddy.



The GPS Kid Guest

Oops, that's me by the way, just not logged in !

David / GPS Kid

PH Guest

Tried replying to your email but it bounced also tried another time.... boing! Maybe RS have not paid the bill!!

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George Leach (CDR) First Officer

Have a happy holiday🍻

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PH Guest

Thanks for your input CDR I have been making valuable contributions to this forum for some time without asking for anything in return, maybe I should start charging for my technical and aviation knowledge! When I have saved up to join I will pay. If this is the general concensus do let me know and I will pi$$ off.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

PH, You know we feel that you are as valuable as any other member here. We appreciate your valuable feedback as much as we do "paid" members.
People like you, Ed and others add needed insight to the Flight Sim and its problems.



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tomthetank Chief Captain

PH 👍


Guest FEM Guest

Seriously, PH, many of the people who reply and post here are guests, and they seem to offer as much information, if not more, than the paying members of the site. I cannot agree to your idea, simply for the fact that I got in for free, being a early joinuing member, and if i had to pay, I would not be able to screw off in class by being on here.

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

CDR wrote:

I do not answer guests anymore as they are to cheep to join here.
They should fix this forum so you have to pay to be allowed to post.
Sort of like using Flightsim , c0m
There you pay every year and here it is a one time donation.

That's mean, for my opinion. We can let the "guests" answer and post questions.

PH, everybody loves you! 😉 You are a great help. And you are a real pilot....I appreciate when you help me with different things.

I'm almost finishing High School. Just half a year and it's done. And after that, we can share different things about aviation, because I'm going to become a pilot too. 😀

PH Guest

Embarassed Thanks all, I feel a speech coming on! I was not looking for pats on the back, gratitude but I do not see what difference it makes guest or not. I simply came across this forum by chance, can't remember what I was surfing for, and was able at the time to answer a question for a fellow "pilot" and have done so since reading, digesting and enjoying excellent and informative posts by GPS, FEM,AGUS, Leadfoot, TTT, Radarman, Elkin to name a few (those unnamed I are all great). Anyway as a guest I will now fly off into the wild blue yonder and return registered as I raided my daughters piggy bank for the 5 bucks!

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

ah hell, i directed my reply the wrong way, not PH, CDR. i get all the 'breviations funked around.

pretty soon i'll have FLWAY, RDRMN, GPSKD, AGS, and more Ill

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

CDR, that was an absolutely ridiculous thing to say on this forum and distinctly abnoxious as a lot of your posts have been.

I'm sorry to say it but you really should have some respect for the people that have made this site what it is - and they aren't all members - you seem obsessed with building up your rank on this site (perhaps you are ex-military and the rating is extremely important to you I don't know), and to that end you have inundated this site with often irrelevent or irreverent postings.

There are a set of regular members who have all been unable to get postings on here, or get them noticed because ov your saturation of this site.

PH's contribution on this site has helped me and lots of other enormously, he is a real pilot and provides sensible useful friendly knowledge.

Before you direct your anger at me, bear in mind that I email a lot of the users on this forum off-line, and I am not the only person that shares these views.

Regular viewers / participants of the site will notice that I and others have been noticible by our absence since you joined with your "comments please" demands.

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George Leach (CDR) First Officer

TOO Kid and all.
I want to apologies to every on for some of my off beat posts.
Being new here I didn't know the situation of visitors.
If I hurt someones feelings I am very truly sorry.
I am here to help other people,Not hurt them
I'm really sorry as this is not my nature.
Have a good Holiday all.

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain


It takes guts to apologise and I respect that. I know my posting back to you was strong - PH is a major part of this site and I admit I saw red when I saw your post.

Suggest we put it behind us and concentrate on all things Flying from here forward!

Anyway we should all be mourning - BOEING CEASED PRODUCTION OF THE 757 LAST WEEK... THE END OF A CLASSIC !

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain


Sorry you're having trouble emailing me - don't know whats up with the RSA email !

I've sent you another email address to try. so hopefully that'll work !

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PH First Officer

Just tried it...bounced. traditional methods are best!

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Hi PH,

I've sent you my address through on text.....

Do me a favour and text your address through to me at (0796😎 693 637, as I have something to send you too, that I think you might just like!

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