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Can anyone reply with a posting that breaks it down into simple steps how to copy a Panel from a plane that I have to use in place of a (poor) panel on another plane ?


- Let's say I have wanted to use the Panel from my CRJ Add-on with the Learjet (so I need to move the panel to replace the existing learjet panel).

As you've probably gathered I'm not at all in the know when it comes to file management in FS !

Thanks !

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😀 Open up the two aircraft folders and remove the panel you do not want (to desktop) then copy the whole panel folder of the panel you want over to the now vacant spot in the other folder

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I'd like to expand this question if The-GPS-Kid doesn't mind?

Will the copy and paste effect the aircraft.cfg file?

What about custom guages?

I have a custom F-14B panel I'd like to install for all my F-14 variations but it seems to only want to work with the specific custom aircraft sent to me. When I replaced the Panel folder with the modded one, FS9 showed me the aircraft but crashed when I hit the Fly Now button.


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The aircrarft config file is outside of the panel folder,so should not be affected

Custom gauges should be placed in the main gauge folder of fs,then any aircraft panel that requires them,can access them

Each folder inside the aircraft folder,ie Texture,Sound, Panel and Model are like little programs running inside fs.So if you cannot find a gauge on a certain aircraft,the panel program is doing one of a few things.
It may be looking in the wrong place and cannot find the gauge or the gauge was not made for fs9 and simply cannot use it

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Sounds straightforward... didn't realise it was as simple as that.... will be giving that a try tonigt - cheers, TTT. 😂

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