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This is just something that I have noticed, but how come on almost every airplane I have seen are the cargo doors on the right side? Is this because they board passengers on the left. And answers would be nice.

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acepilot32 Captain

i guess that would be the theory but i guess they like having both cargo doors on the right but then again whats the point for having 4 cargo doors besides b747`s etc

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On the CRJ series the cargo doors are on the left. I think that it's just whatever works best for each model of aircraft. You are correct that jetways connect to the left side of the aircraft so that may play a part in the design.

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Cheeks Chief Captain

I'm pretty sure that the DC-10 has it's rear cargo door on the left 😉

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Jared Captain

Yeah I can't think of a real reason either guys. I know almost every aircraft does, well commercial except for some regional jets.

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