Strange ATC behaviour

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Hi Guys,

Sometime back I was flying into VIDP ILS runaway 28. Cleared to land by the tower. The weather was bad and visibility down to 1/2 a mile. But still good enough to make a ILS approach.

Everythin was OK except just before touchdown I see a huge 747 standing on the runway awaiting clearance probably. I've never seen the ATC mess up this big in this game!!!!!! After I managed to crash land, ahead of the jumbo, and went to Instant replay to take a screenshot of the 747 existed anymore barely 15 sec after my touchdown!!!!

Any corruption with my AI files here???? I'm running FSX with SP1 and My traffic X. Please suggest

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on instant replay there is no traffic, I dont know why

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Is it the same with failures too? Cos my bro organized an engine failure but apparently the fire and stuff didn't come up on the instant replay.

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The only thing that shows up in instant replay is YOUR Aircraft and the scenery.


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happens to me all the time especially wth PAI because not 1 not 2 but three aircraft all were clustered together then atc told all of to pull up and they were clustered for almost 10 mins just kept going around so i just yelled Censored it

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I had something really annoying on my ATC yesterday.
Was coming in for approach runway 27 @ EHAM coming from geneva. So to get to the airport i had to fly northwest. However suddenly schiphol approach liked it to send me east all the way to germany where they announced that my flightplan was cancelled, íúö¾þ½úóó’!!!!

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