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Smokeyone Guest

After taking advice from this group I have stretched the budget.
Should this laptop be okay with Micro Flight 2004.

Acer Aspire 1355LC
Athlon 2600+
512 MB DDR (2 lots 256)
40GB hd
15" tft display
runs win xp


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Much better!

Bump it up to a gig of ram if you can and what video card are you getting.
Make sure it's at least 128mb, it would be worth it to you in the long run to pay more for a 256mb video card if they have one for a notebook.
Next year a new version of the sim will be out and need more power.


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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

Pay the extra money and buy the 512 ram in ONE-DIM slot, as opposed to two the way you have it. This makes it much more difficult to upgrade your RAM at a later date, and more expensive. I had 256 in one slot before, and it was a piece of cake to place a new 512 in the other slot years later to upgrade my RAM to 768. If you had it in 2 slots, you'd have to just throw out one of your RAM, and factor that into your cost.

Smokeyone Guest

Thanks for the info. Oh well, I will have to stretch the budget a bit further.


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