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Alright, I'll just start off. So i got my new GeForce 8800 (😀) and after I installed it, you know all that stuff, a crippling virus that Windows Defender couldnt get rid of or any other virus protection i could for that matter, pretty much stopped my computer from starting up. So I did systems recover and blah blah blah and now EVERYTHING was erased, including FSX. So, too bad for me, time to reinstall. However, i lost the CD case carrying the serial number! I already went through all of the microsoft support webpages and I had nothing that could help me at all. I couldnt even find an email address to mail to them, they all were about windows vista, xp, ect. help. If anyone can point me in the right direction to start playing FSX that would be awsome.

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Damn, thats really bad. I say you should just look for that case harder. Its gotta be there somewhere.

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Free on line chat with MS.
MS tech support

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no help, they want the product code and I cant find it, I'm not sureif its me being stupid or microsoft. They dont seem to have any good instructions at all for customer support. You cant just email them straight away.

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I was gonna get FSX Acceleration, would that work? Often expansion packs have a seperate serial code.

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there are programs that will find your CD key but you have the risk of getting it stolen.

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Does anyone know were the product identification number is in the game? I tried to follow the instructions posted here but turned up empty. Anyone know were this PIN is?

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