can't uninstall fs9

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I may be missing some steps here, but I finding it impossible to completely uninstall FS9. When I put disk 1 in and click uninstall, the computer gets hung up and I get the message it is no longer responding. but when I run FS9, I get all these messages about missing scenery files.

aside clearing the entire computer out, anyone have any suggestions to fixing this?

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Usually when you put the fs9 disk in to install it sees there is already FS9 present and then you get the option to uninstall, did you do this?
After the uninstall you are left with a few files that are possibly add-ons, then you may have to delete them manually.
Or did you remove FS9 manually in the first place, this also can cause errors.
Have you tried to reinstall it, if it installs OK then you will get the option to uninstall?

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you can always do it the easy way by doing these steps

1. click start on your computer

2. then hit 'control panel'

3. look for 'add/remove programs'

4. wait for the list to be populated (more files will take longer to populate)

5. look for 'flight simaulator 2004' and click it

6. click 'change or remove' in the box where it gives you info about the program.

7. hit remove and wait for the files to be converted and then it will start to uninstall.

hope that helps

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