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I have Flight Simulator 9 and I want to uninstall it. I go to Control Panel, Add or Remove programs but when I select Flight Simulator, the system does not uninstall anything!. After I though in deleting the folder of the game, but I want to remove the registry entries too. Could anybody help me to do this or anything to uninstall it please?.


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Reboot and try again in add or remove, sometimes windows get very possessive.

To clean the registry try this in NOVICE mode only unless you are completely comfortable working in the registry.


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See if the executable uninstal.exe is still in your "Flight Simulator 9" folder. If it is, executing that will start the uninstall process.

Another way I have uninstalled programs where the uninstall link in Add/Remove was messed up, is to reinstall the program thus restoring any missing files. I then rebooting, and go to Add/Remove to uninstall. Obviously with a big program such as FS9 this is not the quickest avenue for its removal. That'll do the trick however.

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