FS9 uninstall problem

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eyton402 First Officer

I have been trying to uninstall FS9 but because of a part associated I cant get past Cannot Delete: STT_ClockNav_V!_O.gau. Access is denied.
I realise that his is associated with an aircraft I have downloaded (it was a russion TU - 154P I think) but after dismantling FS9 bit by bit I cant get past this message. For some reason I cant get to the uninstall option on Disc 1 either.
I would appreciate any advice.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Follow this and be sure to clean the registry.



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eyton402 First Officer

Thanks Radar Man. It didnt work. Im now stuck on:- Cannot delete:fs9.exe. Access is Denied.
Me thinks it is time to reformat.
That said, I learnt something new about how to uninstall in future.

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