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Can anyone tell me why every time I go to fly a plane the engine is always running ?

I have started from Gates/Ramps/Runway and they are always running. 🙄

Is there a way of starting with them off ❓


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It's very simple. Go to AVSIM's website, search for "cold cockpit", and it'll give you the patch you need. Now you start up every flight in a cold/dark cockpit!

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Thanks Guys 🍻

Thats better ❗ Now I can use the start button 🙂)

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Do you have the link to the "cold cockpit patch? I can't seem to locate it.

I too enjoy the startup procedure.

Happy flying!

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I've never used either one but both seem to tout the same general fix.
Let us know which you use so others will benefit, thanks.


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The file I used is

If you go to avsims website and type in cold cockpit you will find it just read the inclosed readme file for details it's very straight forward. 😉

The patch works great and I now get to go through the procedure for starting-up😀

hope this helps jetman.


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Thanks Radarman and Murdock... I am going to try it and see if it works!

I will let you know!

JM 😎

spuddi Guest

Guys there is no patch needed, the ability to do this in the simulator exists.

in the create flight menu pick any aircraft at any airfield > fly now

once your in the aircraft hit ctrl + shift +f1 you'll see the engines shutdown.
hit shift M and the aircraft will be off.

the save the flight as cold and dark and click the "save as default" box

next time you go to create a flight you can select a anyaircraft and any location but each time you'll find the thing cold and dark

pilotPete2 Guest

This reply from Spuddi is exactly the one I received from a microsoft simulator expert [although I use the term 'expert' very losely] but it does the job.

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guys..would this also work for Payware addon aircrafts like PMDG 737/747..

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