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I think the IFR system in the flight sim is set up incorrectly, because half way through a long haul over the atltantic, the controller makes me make turns left and right. Does anybody know how to correct this?

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It's because you are not staying on the flight path. If it tells you to turn left or right, It's because the heading's ATC give you are intended for you to INTERCEPT the flight path, not follow it. That's why if you just turn to that heading and leave it there, you'll cross over the flight path. If you use the autopilot for that flight (God forbid you decide to hand fly that!) then just find the switch labeled NAV/GPS, and click it over to GPS. then go into the Autopilot, and when you're up and climbing or whatever, hit he NAV switch. The aircraft will follow the flight path of the GPS.

BEWARE, if you use ILS to land, SWITCH IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From GPS to NAV, but be sure the NAV button is off though.!!!

Oh, EVERYONE, keep in mind, when i use ALL CAPS, I do not SHOUT...people gripe about that, so i figured i'd explain. For me, ALL CAPS is used to draw emphasis to a certain part of my post, or to let you know that something IMPORTANT is there, or nearby, or whatever!

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I appreciate it fire, thx

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no problem

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FEM is right, and it's also worth mentioning that with certain add-ons it's possible to get an anomoly between the course you have loaded into the GPS, and that within the Flight Plan page that you set up when setting your flight up. This can lead to ATC vectoring you in a different direction to the route you see in front of you in your GPS ! (Now that is unnerving).

This happens where the add-on uses an upgraded GPS, such as in the Flight 1 Cessna 421c Golden Eagle.

To correct, you just need to press ALT and go in and set up a fresh Flight Plan that re-agrees with the GPS route.

For a flight that really "keeps you awake" during the (Autopiloted) Cruise section of the flight, try flying a route that has a lot of waypoints and turns in it, in the Legendary 727. Use the GPS for route awareness, (viewing) but you need to make all the Heading changed manually to stay on track, as the 727 can not slave to the GPS's route.

I find this good fun and it's challenging to keep the plane right on the GPS (pink) track using only Heading Bug changes.

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I have the exact same trouble. It doesn't make any sense. One time I took off from Colorado in a 737 bound for Chicago and the controller told me to turn right heading 270. So I turned, expecting me to turn back onto my course but they never did. That flight was a dissaster!

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hm......did he not add something like "resume own navigation" after instructing you to turn to 270?

They usually do (at least for me) 🙄

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If you're flying IFR, they most always tell you "resume own navigation" They usually say that after you turn out on takeoff.

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