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FSX Taking Ages to load flight or mission

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lenin First Officer

Hi all, I am experiencing a problem with fsx, that has never happened to me before. When I click fly now or do a mission or whatever it doesn't load. It either takes ages and ages, like a percent a minute type thing or the screen just goes black. I can use esc to end flight but there is no flight 😂
this has only recently started and I can't think what could be wrong, I have tried different aircraft and settings but still no luck ,any advice?
thanks 😎

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Cheeks Chief Captain

Haven't seen you in a while, welcome back 😀

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Luke (warlord40) First Officer

have you got many background programs running?
hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete , go to procceses, and turn off anything you don't need(make sure its not anything windows needs or your computer will probably stop responding)

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lenin First Officer

Hi guys, I don't what has happened but it seems to be running ok for now, touch wood. I turned down alot of settings and it still took ages, but when I turned off light bloom it worked better. Maybe that was it, thanks for your help guys!

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oldsamer First Officer

Youre computers operating systeem was busy do'in sumthin else. Now it's not.

That's scary if youre puter was workin for someone out on the net. Doe's your puter stay busy sometimes when it's idle?

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