Just Flight Flying Club Piper Archer - Solid colour on scrn

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I have FSX Acceleration (DX10 preview switched off) and am using the Just Flight Flying Club Piper Archer/Warrior. Everytime it rains I get a solid colour on the windscreen instead of the outside view.

Screenshot available here:

I have the latest version of the a/c (purchased in December '07)

Any ideas?

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Same as me only when it is raining it also happens with the Wilco 737pic plane. I think it has to do with planes that are upgrades from FS9 using bmp file in their textures not FSX ddl files

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Still awaiting a reply from Just Flight...

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I just found this on the Flight 1 site:

"If you have FSX SP2 or Acceleration installed, you may have solid windows when in the virtual cockpit when it is raining with many addon aircraft. This update repairs FSX so that you can have transparent windows again."


Just tried it and all fixed! Go flight 1!

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