fs9 makes my pc restart after about 5 minutes

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fs9 runs for about 5mins then my pc re-boots and i get a message windows has recovered from a serious error, i replaced the graphic card but this did not help, i also get message monitor out of range, i did a reformat but had trouble installing xp pro, it kept crashing with message that my pc has to shutdown because of a hardware failure. eventually got xp installed put all service packs in plus up to date drivers then fs9 run at default settings but still pc restarting after about 5mins, put other vid card in geforce4 ti4200 but still same prob. then tried a radeon 9600xt but still same prob. even tried another game but the problem is happening with that as well, seen as i have tried reinstalling windows and different graphic cards im wondering if the problem is maybe the motherboard
asusa7v333 or do you think its a software fault, i have loaded xp into a different pc and that works ok has anyone any suggestions what i can try or should i throe the lot in the bin and build a new machine.
my specs are asusa7v333,2.2athlon xp cpu, 768pc2100ddr ram,radeon9600xtgraphics card.

please can anyone help, jim

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Given all your trouble I think it's safe to say there is a hardware component seriously malfunctioning!

What I normally do when I get a PC like that in my hands;

-get rid of everything inside that you dont need. (2nd HD, DVD player, Soundcard, blabla) and boot up your PC with a bare minimum of hardware installed
-if the error is gone, add hardware back one by one until it reoccurs and youre likely to have found the malfunctioning piece.
-If it persists; try if you can find a way of using a diff. HD, diff. ram chips, different processor, diff. PSU etc.

You really want to try and rule out as much as you can before replacing components as you can only spend your $$$ once and then theyre gone for good...
Would be a waste if you buy a new mobo or cpu and it turns out its your gfx card causing the trouble - just to take an example.

For you, if I have to take a guess, I'd bet on your mobo or processor though.

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The Monitor out of range means that the monitor is being sent a signal that it can't handle, usually too high a refresh rate or too high a resolution (or both). Refer to your monitor manual or the manufacturer's web site for optimal settings.

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It sounds like your computer is overheating, FS9 runs very hot.
Take the side of the case and try flying.
If it doesn't crash then you'll have to add some fans, cheap and easy to do.
Let us know what happens.


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ok ive turned the refresh rate down also ran a programcalled prime95 where you can do a torture test on your cpu and ram the cpu was ok but the ram test only ran for 10 seconds and i got a hardware error so if could be the ram i will test them to see if any of the ram is faulty by running each one in turn, will let you know how i get on

thanks jimimac

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ive found the problem it was a faulty memory stick,when playing fs9 the memory was under more stress and this cuased the pc to re-boot
looking forward to flying with fs9 again.

thanks to everyone who replied to this post


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This might sound like a "monday morning expert", but might be handy to add:

Memory sticks when installed as multiples (particularly at different intervals) can conflict. I don't understand why this is, but the moral to the story is, when buying a PC, go the RAM you want, not can afford. This would be for FS9, 1G stick, or a duo pack of 512s. That way, if they are duds, you can send em back right away.

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