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acepilot32 Captain

ok go here

now for petition you type like this

example: .example. please answere:

now you would type this for question: who do i love?

now peter will say example so the reason why it was right is because you typed it youll understand once you do it.

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walesdragon First Officer

I don't get it? I tried your example of who do i love and he gave me some crap. I don;t get it D:

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acepilot32 Captain

ok in the petition box you type exactly what i type

.example.ease answer the following:

then in the question box you type

what did i type?

ok now the petition box really is sercetly masking your answer get it?


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acepilot32 Captain

emerald_flag wrote:

i heard about it a while ago

pissed me off then i figured it out

but when your friend showed you were you like

"omg howd he know that?" then you figured it out

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