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ok close all windows and everything for this to work ok

1. hit the button "print scrn" on your keyboard

2. open up ms paint and press ctrl + v to load your screenshot

3. save the image to a easy to rememebr folder.

4. close everything and on your desktop click the right mouse button and scroll over "arange icons by" and click "show desktop icon" and your icons will disappear(note: you can reverse this by doing what i just said and they will come back)

5. right click again but press "properties" and then click the "desktop" tab and click "browse"

6. locate the folder were you saved your screen picture and make it as your desktop backround

7. presto all the icons are unclickable (thyey are actually images of the folders lol)

now this trick is really fun on someone elses computer and its especially fun if you you are in school and your in computer class because you can pull this prank on them.


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Cheeks Chief Captain

Good one, im gonna do it to ma friends computer he will be going phsyco 😀

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walesdragon First Officer

Lol, nice! I have a cruder way. I get them to tell me their pass word and i go into their account and change it so they can't get in =D I usually get into trouble though D: Or, while my friends are seeking the teachers help. I edit the desktop colours using the Right click>properties>appearances> Advanced and i change the colours into ALL pink. Its funny. But this will work awesomely.

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cheezyflier First Officer

it's an oldie but a goodie. you don't have to it with their desktop, you can also do it with a screencapture of a webpage or a document. when they try to close it, nothing is clickable.

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acepilot32 Captain

lol im ganna try that one at school and i found out that on our computers you cant hide the desktop icons but it worked perfectly on my teachers computer weird huh?

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