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Ive just managed to get a success on the Quito Approach, but the problem is when I go into Free Flight it still thinks I'm going into Quito Approach and I can-not get rid of it?
Ive got F.S.X. with Acceleration, Ive done a repair job on Acceleration but no luck. Thanks for any Help. Mike

When I go into Free Flight's, I select Aircraft, time, airport say Friday Harbour, Then press Fly, it take's me to Friday Harbour o,k, but A.T.C. is telling me how to approch Quito??????????

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try uninstalling acceleration, try the game and if it works, reinstall and test, if it doesn't work. Come on back.

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Mike Johnson (tricky42) Trainee

Hi Ya Matey. Did what you said but no good, I did a test once reinstalled, Went into Free Flight picked a Cessna, Picked a Flight ( alpnach mil) started on runway, had to disengage auto pilot?? (in a Cessna) and was told to fly to Quito approach.

You will have to be patient with me, not to be to "techie", I'm 66yrs old and the brain cells don't work to well.

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Hi I have had the same problem like you, In the end I had to reinstall FSX.
Recently I downloaded a mission from the a website cann't remember which one, and after running the mission did not complete it went back to free flight. I still had the mission compuss and ATC still running the mission, but this time I deleted the mission and that worked.

Try deleting the Quito approach mission and the use your FSX disc 1 and repair FSX.

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Mike Johnson (tricky42) Trainee

Hi ya Chaps.
I had ago at repairing but no good, So Ive done a complete reinstall and every thing is O.K. now Thank you.

Ive put S.P.! on is there anything ells I should do.

Once again that's for your time and help. there's a pint or two waiting in my local any time you are passing?

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Duncan (Razgr1z912) First Officer

You could of just loaded a saved flight....

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