Sapphire Radeon 9600Pro 128Mb with FS2004

Woodmouse Guest

Running Windows XP Professional, 1.8Ghz Proc, 512Mb Ram, Radeon 9600Pro 128Mb Graphics Card, current driver ATI Tech Version Problem when running Flight Sim 2004 or Microsoft Train Sim, computer locks up. Does not always happen, but when it does it becomes most annoying! Any ideas anyone ?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

You have a nice machine and video card.
It sounds like the video card driver or an outside chance, the sound card driver.
Most likely the video card.

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Riclo First Officer

😎 Aloha , Try the drivers from Omega they seem to fix many problems.
( they have them for all OS

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Hi, Can't offer any assistance except to say that I'm experiencing similar problems. 😞
Have just upgraded to a Gigabyte mbd (with HT turned off) and Intel 2.8G with 512Mb DDR, Radeon 9600Pro 128Mb...which runs just about everything else EXCEPT FS2K4 reliably. Evil or Very Mad ...on a long flight last night (2.5hr NVFR), <10mins to landing....system hang!!! Damn heck!!! 😞 😞 😞
Is anyone experiencing this problem with this combination of bits?? Have had the computer shop check it out...he changed my DDR over to Kingston but that didn't help. I've put in extra fans...all that's done is to make my box noisier. I've upgraded the power supply to 450W...that helped in the earlier days (about 2weeks ago!)...but the problem is still there......damn this technolgy!!!

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RadarMan Chief Captain

It sounds more like a video driver problem than anything else. Why not go back to the drivers that you used before the set you have now.

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I had the same problem when I installed the Radion 9600 PRO card in my system. I'm running Pentium 4 120G hard drive and 1536 SDRAM with LCD screen. I changed the refresh rate on the screen and the problem was solved. If you do that make sure you don't exceed the specs recommended by the screen maufacturer.

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abaris Trainee

I have exactly the card you are using. I've purchased it yesterday and encountered all the above described problems. The screen froze on me and I had to reboot. Here's what I have done: In the control panel I have disabled fastwrite and reduced to AGP4. Now I know, that this can't be the final solution, but at least I can fly now and encounter only a black flickering screen at startup. I'm pretty sure, that this will solve your initial problem, but I do hope, that someone out there can come up with a more sophisticated solution, so we can use the AGP8 functionality.

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abaris Trainee

On the Sapphire boards they're holding the opinion, that KT mainboards could be the problem in connection with the 9600. Sapphire didn't offer any advice about that.

buntaro Guest

I've a machine a little bit better than yours, ATI 9600 PRO 256MEGA. I reinstalled ALL WINDOWS XP sp1, reinstalled FS2004 with the original direct 9x from CD, all it's fine. End of the problem. Bye

THe ONE Guest

Hi people. You do get the Prats now an then, we get them on our forum too.
Am thinking of getting this card so will look into it, if I find out anything will post back 😉

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