Taking Pitchers in flight simulator a century of flight.

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😀 How can I take Pitchers 🙄 in Flight Simulator A Century Of Flight I have tried every thing even my digitl camera what butten do I hit or what do i do?

And all of thise makes me Mad Real Mad #@!!

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99 jolegg Guest

When you want to take a picture, you just have to press 'Print Screen' at the top right hand corner of the keyboard. Then you need to paste it into another program like 'Paint' or 'Picture Studio' by clicking the edit tab and going to paste. Save it then do what you want with it!

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😀 If you want to take a couple of pics,then I suggest you d/load a little utility for the job
Us Google and search for "fsscreen" or"screenhunter"
I use the later and is very good and free

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