I need some help with fly'ing in a straight line !

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Tom Walstra (ikkeweer) Trainee

Hello guys,
thanks for clicking at my question. Hopefully you know the answer!

What is the button to fly in a straight line? If i fly with the arrows than my airplane go's from left to right and right to left etc. What is the button to keep it in a straight line? Thanks for answering and thanks for trying!

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drwhoere Trainee

get a joystick, stop posting repeatadly, post it all in one post

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Concorde105 First Officer

Using the numpad helps! press 5 to stick in that position.

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Kc (puppy-paw) Trainee

i think you need a joy stick it helps

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Jim Lapinsky (7ECA-Captain) First Officer

Invest in a CH Yoke, you will find the game is way more interesting, not to mention realistic.

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