My dad is a stubborn .... ugh...

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Well, we all know that Norton Anti-virus slow the computer down by heaps and it is a pile of crap. Well, I've researched it and it gets an average user rating of 3/10.

I tell my dad this (We have norton on our computer) But he screams at me and tells me he doesn't want to hear about it because Norton is the best EVEN THOUGH WE HAVE TREND MICRO PC CILLIN, A ANTI-VIRUS THAT WE HAD TO PAY FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, everytime I try to explain to him, he gets angry and screams at me at the top of his lungs. Ugh, this is sooooo bloody annoying... Also, what norton does is it blanks out the Add/remove program list so that I can't uninstall ANYTHING through that way. Norton does this so that you won't uninstall their "Crap".

Also, this means that my computer performance is now slowed down quite a lot and the fact that my Dad would scream at me if I uninstalled it after he told me that it's the best and he's keeping it on the computer. He's a stupid bloody idiot that needs to grow the f**k up and should listen to other people than being such a spoiled f**king brat.

AGGGGHHHH. Can you guys please give me some things to say to him which will persuade him to uninstall it without him beeating the crap out of me?

thanks D:

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Let your Dad read this - Dad you should grow up 🙄, do some simple research and you will find that not everything in their advertising blurb is gospel.

I'm 60 years old and have been working with Computers over the telephone network since 1975 and the using the internet from the days when the maximum download speed was in the region of 9kb per sec, yes that is correct 9kb per sec. I had Norton Security Suite given to me with my latest laptop and removed it and installed the two free programmes I recommend below. and have not had a single infection.

Currently the best Purchase AV is Kaspersky in any tests that have been done. It easily catches more garbage than anything else, and out performs Symantecs Norton AV by at least 30%. AVG AV and Comodo working together gather about 25% more than Norton, so even the freebies are better than Norton.

The best free AV is AVG, downloadable from which can be upgraded online to a security Suite for a very small purchase price from teh AVG website. You get daily AV Definition updates for free too.

The best free Firewall is Comodo also available from the Cnet site. It has a defence plus facility that alerts you whenever a program tries to load any hidden little extras, and you can choose whether you want these to be installed or not and with what access facilities.


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I guess this should persuade your dad Dragon. IceBergh gave a good overview of all the prominent anti virus programs. I've been using Norton for some time now, and yes it slows down the machine considerably, but I don't have the problem with uninstalling other programs.

Good luck! 😀

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Hi Walesdragon,
Don't forget, your dad probably bought you the PC at considerable cost and was given advice about the best protection by someone in the store so take it easy on him. Now if you want to sway him a little bit try showing him this it's what i use and was recommended by a friend who has his own computer business. It's free and is supposed to be better than Norton and McCaffee!And it works, it's caught one for me and binned it 😀 !

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Im with the above comment, I have been using McAffee and it is total s**t. So Im in the same boat and when I get my new PC, Ill be taking the plunge with AVG! 😀

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Thanks guys, I'm actually starting to persuade him by using your help so I'd probably be able to get rid of this thing soon. Also, Welshflyer, I know I have a temper and I overreact easily 🙄 But He doesn't know much about computers at all. He bought a computer with 512 MB of RAM with an ASUS motherboard with intergrated graphics and sound and dual core 2.0 GHz AMD processor for $1,200.00 O:

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Update time, and a good one too!

Well, My father has now accepted the fact that Norton slows down the computer but still has not removed it. Though he has fiddled around with things. Anyway I wanted to check up on the add/remove programs problem.

I went to add/remove programs and nothing comes up as usual. Then I decide to fiddle around and ventured myself to add/remove windows components, I entered that and I didn't change anything but I clicked OK. I went back to add/remove programs and ...... ALL THE PROGRAMS WERE THERE. I was like. WOAH. Ye.

Me and my dad are now at "cool" so It's good. Ty for advice and stuff, too. Helps me out heaps. ;D

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