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Hello flight fans and fellow pilots. This site is pretty cool. I have many neat planes and extra scenery downloaded to my computer for FS 2004. I am having a few problems though. Some of the files don't work, no matter what I do to put them on my system they just won't work. For ex., the Carrier Ops add-on, and there are also several aircraft that are being quite stubborn as well. If anyone has any advice or if anyone can tell me that I'm SOL, that would be appreciated.

P.S. Does anyone know where I can find an RC-135 Cobra Ball/Combat Sent/Rivet Joint. If this plane looks unfamiliar go google it, it's pretty cool!

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Try this, I think it's for 2004, not sure, check out the read-me.

As for the other problems follow the regular install again on the read-me that comes with the download.
We have an install tutorial in the aircraft forum.
Good luck and welcome.


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welcome to flyaway 😀

yeah i think that one does work. it runs fine on mine

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