FS9 Error Message ^^

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Scott Archbold (Scotteiboi) Trainee

Anyone know how to get rid of this? Thanks! =)

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Type FSSOUND.DLL into your search and drag and drop it on your desktop. Then launch the sim again, if all is working well you can store the dll in a safe place in case you need it again.
There are a number of different versions floating around, you may have an old or corrupted one.

Thanks for the screenshot, it helps to see the problem. 👍


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Scott Archbold (Scotteiboi) Trainee

Thanks, I never thought of doing that... Wall Bashing =)

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

It seems that you downloaded an aircraft that needs FSSound.dll to work. Maybe you have that file somewhere hidden in your desktop. Do as RadarMan says and if you find it, you should put that file in the Modules folder.
If you know which aircraft you downloaded, the file should be there. Try to find it.

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