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Problem with PMDG 747 ILS

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n_codrington Trainee

I have something wrong with the PMDG 747 ILS on approach. What happens is, it intercepts the localizer but doesn't line up fully no matter how early i get established. It does follow the glide slope perfectly though. What's wrong? Even tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it. It's definately not my FSX installation because I have FSX on my laptop too and it does the same thing.[/i]

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Duncan (Razgr1z912) Captain

I'll try soon, but where is the Nav1/2 Radio?

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n_codrington Trainee

It doesn't have that, you have to get the FMC up, type in the ILS info like this:


for example:


then press the button next to where it says ILS-MLS (if nothing is entered yet, it should say PARK too)

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Bob (Traches) First Officer

Does this happen everywhere? Also, are you using an addon airport?

If you have the correct approach selected in the DEP/ARR page, it should autotune the ILS (CRS and all) for you. Make sure you've got everything set up right!

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n_codrington Trainee

Yes, I have most of the Aerosoft Mega Airports, but it happens with every single one of the airports - addon or not Sad

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n_codrington Trainee

So...any suggestions anyone? Very Happy

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