Level D 767

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Hey Traches, Thanks for the tip. I bought the D Level 767! What a beautiful aircraft, superbly made.
Ive just got to learn to fly it now with the help of a 200 page Operations Manual. That shouldnt be too hard for a complete novice should it?
Any other recommendations for good aircraft?

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hehe, the tutorial flights in the operation manual are a big help. It does take awhile to learn all the systems and how to work the FMC!

The PMDG 747 is another fantastic aircraft, it's actually a little bit more complicated than the Level D 76. When it comes to systems, it's almost true to life. The nice thing is that the two aircraft have a lot of things in common, so by learning one you'll get a good handle on the other.

Oh, be sure to check out the extra liveries! 😀

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