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Multiple versions of same plane in FS9

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Hi there.
I have been trying to create multiple versions of the King Air 350 in FS9 but have been unable to do so successfully. What I want is a choice of King Airs with one of three separate cockpit panels (ie: 1. the original panel; 2. a modified panel; 3. A glass panel version).
I have created these three separate aircraft variations in separate folders in the FS9 aircraft folder, yet they don't show up as options when selecting an aircraft to fly. I don't know why not. Instead I am left with the default King Air with three identical colour variations offered and if I select any of these three options I get the same default King Air with the default cockpit. Can anybody point me in the right direction!?

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Well, firstly, I assume you have made or somehow gotten your 2 other panels right?

Well, then what we do is make 2 copies of the default King Air folder. Name one of them King Air Modified panel and the other King Air Glass Panel.

Next, you need to replace the default panel with the ones you want to use.

Now here is the tricky part. You should see the aircraft.cfg folder somewhere in the aircraft folder. Open it up with notepad. Now right up the top you will see something that looks like this

title=Beech King Air 350
ui_type="King Air 350"
ui_variation="White with yellow and black"
description="The King Air in all its variants is a beautiful airplane with classic styling and graceful lines. Many of the improvements over the years have provided better aerodynamic efficiency, increased muscle under the cowlings, greater speed, upgraded avionics and electrical systems, and increased cabin luxury. In addition to duties as a corporate shuttle, the plane is also available in cargo configurations."

Well this realy is the only bit we need to edit, what you should do is change the UI type to King Air 350 Modified panel, and for the glass panel variant, King Air Glass panel. And also maybe change the title to King Air 350 Modified/Glass panel.

I hope this helps,
Kind regards,

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