Missing textures in fsx - Any work around that works

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Hi folks.I'm just bought fsx as a upgrade to fs 2004 and cant get any add on aircraft to work -ie missing textures.Has any one developed a fix for this.I cant disable the dx 10 preview,I just no picture at all doing that and tried the add-on converter tool,no joy.Should I uninstall and reinstall with out the acceleration pack?Is any aware of a fix that actually works.
Any help greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance

p.s Same problem with fsx rotor craft.
Im running on vista and its a new pc so d.x 9 is not available. 😕 javascript:emoticon('😕')

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You might do better in the FSX forums Charlie...

I had FSX and got rid of it for FS2004. After adding FSGenisis scenery upgrades, it works better than FSX ever did.

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