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In GA, if you are flying VFR in contact with a center for flight following and are ready to switch to an airfield freq. for appr/landing, do you notify the center that you are doing so? Do they need to know that you won't be responding to any more contacts?

I ask because my only reference is the basic FSim ATC and there is no communication when switching away from a center freq. (when under your own navigation)

Basically, if a center is following you, do they get alarmed if you stop responding, or do they just assume you switched away for a landing?

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Not sure about that, but i assume for safety reasons.

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Yes, they should hand you over to the relevant tower or approach frequency as per your initial call to the center. If they're too busy then you should tell them before switching frequencies to which they will probably agree.

If you don't, they'll probably see from your transponder that you're still in the air but it isn't good airmanship and is not a proper way to handle the radiotelephony.

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