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I recently downloaded this FS9 aircraft from the PC Pilot CD and was delighted to find that is actually has a TUG when using pushback. I was running the sim using another PC Pilot download - Edinburgh and thought that the tug could either be part of the airplane or the airiport.

So, I contacted BSMP and asked to be told that the Tug is embedded in the aircraft and the relevant lines can't be extracted to add it to any other aircraft. This is a pity as I would have liked to add it to other aircraft using Groundhandling.

Has anybody else met this and can the problem be resolved? Perhaps somebody knows of another Tug that can be added to tugless aircraft?

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Hi Aldeeb,
as was rightly pointed out to you, those tugs are usually a part of the aircraft and cannot be ported over to other aircraft. Some developers of airliners have added tugs and even other service vehicles. Regarding added tugs, Project Opensky comes to mind in some of their models.

I found an "independent" tug you might want to have a look at:

FS2002/2004 Aircraft. Ramp Tractor TG5000.
This tractor is used at Euroairport (LFSB)
to tow and pushback regionnal aircrafts
(like CIMBER's Crj-200).Very detailled model.
The vehicle has two tow bar avalaible with landing
light and panel light keys. See read-me file
for technical features. Virtual Cockpit
is include and sound package. The airport
map is personalizable for each user.
Really usefull to discover your new
airport. Don't hesitate to send Hauger screenshoots
from your ride !! If you have suggestions
for further evolution, conatact Hauger via

It's only a small download so it might be worth checking it out.

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Hi Tailhook and thanks for your response to my query which I will follow up. It is disconcerting to be pushed back by an invisible tug; I was intrigued to note how it vanished after going through the pushback routine but I guess it would be unrealistic to expect to see it trundling back to its parking place. Incidentally the download in PC Pilot of Edinburgh airport is particularly good and surprised me by having a fair number of docking piers with retractable gangways. We've certainly come a long way since the early days of FS.

Snow and frost have made an unwelcome return to the Cumbrian scene, but nothing like the depth that I remember from my childhood and teens when we had serious snow!
rgds Al Deeb

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Aldeeb I'm wondering if this is the Edinburgh scenery you have:

It's the penultimate on the page. As you can see, there are more airport sceneries to choose from in case you haven't come across them yet.

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Yes Tailhook I'm pretty sure that's the one and I will have a look at the link you mentioned, thanks. rgds Al Deeb

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thanks for pointing that site out to me, I have downloaded those available, looks interesting as they certainly breathe new life into the otherwise limited detail.
rgds Al Deeb

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I've downloaded the Tug three times and each time I get an "invalid file" message and Winzip will not open it; there appears to be a suggestion that it is part of something larger than just the tug and in the absence of this it won't work.
rgds AD

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One of those things I guess, no idea what causes that. I've uploaded it to SendSpace here:

Just click on the Download Link: PUSH at the bottom of the page in case you haven't done it before.

The file contains two Tugs, one with and one without roof. I don't know if you've noticed, but all of these vehicles, including cars, coaches and what not are arranged exactly like aircraft i.e. the folder you place into your FS9 Aircraft directory - in this case TG5000 (xxxxxx) includes Model- Panel- Sound- and Texture folders, an .air file and an aircraft.cfg file.
Strangely though the panel folder is empty... why include an empty, useless folder in the first place? Could this be the cause for WinZip to give you an "invalid file" message? It is purely calculation on my part as I don't use WinZip - too complicated for me 😉

More ramblings on the subject: The ReadMe file explains how to attach the tow bars, you drive the Tug with your throttle and rudder. I haven't managed to actually attach the bar to an a/c yet as I'm having sim trouble currently. I can't taxi, roll or drive in a straight line. Have to iron out those bugs before I give it another try.
Anyhow, the sim would be half the fun if it weren't for the constant tweaking and fiddling.
Be well 🍻

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Thanks for the link, I have downloaded to with/without roof tugs and tried them out. Attaching the bar to the tug works ok and it drives under control of throttle and steering, also the brakes work.

Strange about the panel as it certainly has a non functional panel with wheel but it appears to be dummy.

What I don't see at the moment how it is possible to have an aircraft and the tug together on screen as FS only really operates one at a time. This suggests that RCB Groundhandling would not be used for pushback; if it is possible for the tug to couple up and push the aircraft back it would have to be entirely under the control of the tug. My first thoughts are that somehow we need to get the tug into Groundhandling such that when pushback is selected it appears. I'll have a close look at the ATPax propjet which has a tug and see if I can find where it is located in the "Aircraft" file - this has to be the clue I think?

Al Deeb still scratching his head and thinking this out pre-dawn!

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I've had a good look at both the aircraft and panel files and can see nothing to indicate the presence of a tug. I thought it might have been in the Groundhandling part of "Panel" but the Window is exactly the same as all my other Groundhandling Window. Good idea, but no and the search goes on but I've a feeling it might just be in a hidden file somewhere. I really do think it ought to be possible for GH to select a real tug rather than an invisible one but where the key lines are to be found I have absolutely no idea.

Back to think time!

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