Extremely worried - FS2004 won't start!!

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HELP!! I am very worried. Today as I normally do I started GEII pro and began by downloading the AS6 sky metars. As I did this a message came up saying something about FS and new Active Sky something or other (I didn't really pay much attention to it), but I remember it saying I should restart my PC in order for it to work properly in FS. I have never seen such a message in over 2 years of using GEII pro and AS6.

I did however restart my PC and followed the procedure again as above, but when it got to the stage of loading FS2004 it wouldn't. I have tried loading it directly from the icon, taking the disc in and out, rebooting my PC several times and even doing a restore, but I am getting nothing. The FS2004 image appears for a few seconds and then goes. The disc drive is working normally as I have tested this.

What the hell has happened between yesterday when it was running fine and now???

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First uninstall the last add-on from the Sim.

One of two ways it might get started.
Delete your FS9.cfg and let the Sim rebuild a new one.
Delete the log file and let the Sim rebuild a new one.


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Unfortunately things have got progressively worse.

I turned the PC off for a few minutes and then went to restart it. However it now won't even boot up, giving me a completely blank screen.

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No message, nothing shows on the screen at any time.

I took this from another site.

If Windows XP is the only operating system installed on your computer, booting into Safe Mode with these instructions.

If the computer is running, shut down Windows, and then turn off the power
Wait 30 seconds, and then turn the computer on.
Start tapping the F8 key. The Windows Advanced Options Menu appears. If you begin tapping the F8 key too soon, some computers display a "keyboard error" message. To resolve this, restart the computer and try again.
Ensure that the Safe mode option is selected.
Press Enter. The computer then begins to start in Safe mode.
When you are finished with all troubleshooting, close all programs and restart the computer as you normally would.


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OK I have sorted the booting up problem, my monitor decided to stop working at the most inappropriate time!!

I have now tried removing the fs9.cfg file, but when FS tries to start it is unable to write a new cfg file and comes up with the message of the FSSound.dll being incompatible.

I have repaired and installed the latest version of DirectX.

I have removed three Navlog files (which I believe is what you was referring to?) and yet again FS is unable to create a new one.

I have been onto the Microsoft website and followed about 8 steps which they suggest.

I am still getting absoloutely nothing. The FS splashscreen appears and then after a few seconds it disappears.

Any other suggestions?

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Go into the root (main) file and remove the FSSound.dll to your desktop.
If it still doesn't start, delete the log file.


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I have just done a restore to a couple of weeks back, and hey presto it has finally started. I now however have to do some testing to see if everything is as before.

I have decided to do a complete backup of my flight simulator, but I know FS puts files everywhere. Has anyone ever done a complete backup (with paid add-ons etc) and can you tell me where all the folders/files are that I need to backup?

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