RFD Airfest 2009

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hmmmm i havent been here in a while now i have I? 😀

well anyways for the people around this site that live in the rockford area probably went to airfest because what else could you be doing on a staurday/sunday afternoon as an aviation enthusiast?

now for the 2 or 3 people that live around rockford will have to admit it was nice out this year compared to the last few years...rain...lightning...tornadoes?!... free parking =p ... well that last one isnt so bad 🙂 but everything else was except the airshow itself. now what i noticed this year was that it was more packed(obviously because of the weather was probably better) but i also noticed the prices seemed to be a bit higher but oh well what do you expect at a event like this with multi million dollar aircraft?

now lets get to the performances... egh tey were ok very condensed and all the different performers seemed to have repetitive maneuvers it was like watching the same thing with an identical aircraft to the last performers. now with most airshows theres the heritage fligh etc... and the crazy people that who youd think knew better than to walk ontop of a plane while its doing flips and s**t. now the main performer, the F-22 Raptor, definitely a very exciting and fun aircraft to watch flying and very powerful but i wish the demo was alot longer but hey only 6 airshows in the world get to have it so ill say it was nice just having it there.

well once i get to a working computer that can read a sd card ill have the pics posted soon since my laptop doesnt support it and my parents laptop that could read sd cards decided it was done... but i will have some pics posted and some videos as well of the F-22 but they arent very long and i messed up some videos because i apparently cant figure out how to work a cameras zoom while recording. but oh well.

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Taylor (Flyboy92) First Officer

It indeed was a good airshow.

No complaints about the prices though since I got in free using my Volunteer parking pass, and we were able to buy $3 tickets about 4 months ago.

F-22 was pretty sweet, along with the B-1B Lancer, He was loud!

I may put some pics up later.


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Drew B (belgeode) Chief Captain

I remember i saw the F22 last year, and was pretty impressed with its maneuverability. Matter of fact I wrote a blog on my myspace about it... with pix.

Can't wait to see your pix.

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Bob (Traches) First Officer

Got to see an F-22 up close a few months ago when they were in town for thunder over louisville... Wasn't allowed to take pics inside the hangar though.

Suppose there are perks to being in the ANG 😀

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