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I was temted to buy B787 pack for my FS9 - have seen it in Best Buy for $ 30. Unfortunately Windows Vista is not mentioned on the package (only up to XP). So have asked the salesman who told me that the pack will work on Vista, next day when I went to pick it up a different salesman told me that it will NOT work on Vista. Quite surpricing since it is a new software and Vista is current operating system.
Can anyone tell me if B787 actually works on Vista? Also any experience with it, how does FMS work e.t.c.
Many thanks

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beroun, just a little tip here, since the 787 has'nt flown yet then the FS addon world has no idea how it will fly or what the wing flex will do! There have been a few releases for the 787 but they have been very unrealistic to say the least so i would suggest holding off buying this until it has actually flown and the developers have a good idea of what it will be like and then we can see a realistic model from someone like PMDG coming forth!
Just my own opinion though 😀 !

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Agreed with Welsh... otherwise you are buying into speculation...

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