Catapult not holding aircraft on full power

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Hi all... When getting ready to catapult an aircraft from a carrier and revving up the engines to full power, the aircraft starts to move down the deck rather than staying put until full power is reached and then firing the catapult. I have checked the aircraft.cfg file to make sure the brakes are enabled in the coding and all is fine there. Only some of the aircraft exhibit this problem but mostly the F-14 thru the FA-18 hornet. Does anyone have any ideas on how to correct this. Moving the aircraft to different positions on the deck does not help either.


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Hi All... With reference to the problem with the brakes not holding the aircraft on the carrier when running the engines up to full power while the catapult tries to hold it from taking off, I did some reading in the aircraft.cfg file. In there is the following lines of code:


You will find that the parking brake is normally set to 1. If you set it to 2 it can eliminate this problem 95% of the time. Do not increase this number beyond 2 or when you go to arm the catapult, the aircraft will suddenly take off. The toe_brakes_scale number will vary from aircraft to aircraft and you can leave this number alone.

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