Increase engine sound volume?

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I was just flying one of my POSKY United 777's with a nice P&W4000 sound set and I can kind of hear the deep rumble on takeoff in the cockpit but it should be much louder. Is there something that I can change in the sound.cfg file to make it louder? And also the wind is much to loud at low speeds and yes I know that it gets louder with speed but it's loud at like 100knt's. ❓

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Try going to the sound option on the settings either on the in-flight menu, or on the main menu!!!
A box should appear and a small amount of settings will appear.
I'ts very simple, just like changing the traffic density in the settings!!!
If this doesn't work, I'm afriad I can't help you!!!!
Hope it works!!!

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😳 Well ya that was the first thing I tried, didn't help. I'm looking to increase the volume of the sound file its-self.

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