Strange Winter Wonderland problem

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Hi.. I just noticed that when I have the system setup for winter and fly any aircraft, everything is normal. However, when I setup for winter using the Winter Wonderland something strange happens. All is running normal and the aircraft climbs normally. After about a minute or so the airspeed indicator goes to zero and the engines rev up to maximum until the plane starts to shake due to overspeed. My system is FS9 and for the life of me I cannot figure out what might be causing this. Any help would be appreciated.


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it always happens to me in cloudy conditions, meaning that this is going to happen in the real world, you can rely on the mach to tell your speed,

u can also use your GPS to tell your ground speed

WARNING: the GPS only tells ground speed, planes rely on airspeed, for cruise if u r using the 737, it says max operating speed is mach .82, so cruise below mach .82

if u r flying 4 fun, keep at low alt, remember u were climbing when ya suddenly lose speed?

well keep below the height where u suddenly see the speed zero!

i had this problem many times, but i countinue to my destination! 😀

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Is your autothrottle on? and is your Pitot heat on?

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Hi KarlW.... Many thanks for your timely response to my question. You hit the nail right on the head, the pitot heat was not turned on and when I did turn it on the problem went away. Thank you very much for making my hobby a little bit more enjoyable with your answer. I guess I missed that in school when they went over the pitot heating.

Very best regards

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I learned the same way was flying at FL 380 in a 737 went to take a break came back and saw I had no Airspeed turned on the Pitot heat and it can back.

Best Regards 🍻

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Chris Morris (morris91) Captain

forgetting to flip the pitot heat switch on is always a rookie move.. 😛

I did the same, but nows its usally a #1 priority along with anti-ice & apu.

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It happens even when ALL heaters r on at any altitude on any acft.... 😕
It started end of last year... B4 thaty NO prblm like this one...


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pitot heat and de-ice switch are always the the first thing (after Battery and avionics switches) I deal with. 😀

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