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HS125 RAF Dominie

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I downloaded and installed this aircraft which is very good and flies well, ...... but ....... the wheels don't lower at any time. When using "G" on the keyboard the lights change - Red when up and Green when down which seems normal to me. The attitude of the aircraft on the ground looks normal and it both lands and takes off normally.

Whatever can have happened to cause this - anybody else experienced the same problem?


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Hi Mike,

if this is the aircraft in question, it shouldn't even be in the file library:

1. It is not fully compatible with FS2004

2. It is an AI aircraft

3. I was unable to procure wheels despite trying all methods as per ReadMe.

Sorry, I can't help you with this one. Regarding your previous post about the
Boeing MD C17 RAF - I googled and searched for it in various libraries but couldn't find it. If you have the filename, I'll be able to find it... hopefully 😀

Remember not to post a link to an external library lest you get banned from this site.

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Hi Tailhook

many thanks for your response to my query and interesting to see what you said about the Dominie. The Galaxy C17 carries the file "" and is to be found on the 2004 Military Aircraft folder at Flyawaysimulation. I had some difficulty finding it again and looked in the readme file which gave me a slightly different designation which worked.


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I rechecked using the link in your reply and it is the same aircraft that I had downloaded and also lacks wheels. Pity as otherwise it is a joy to fly and doesn't produce a shower of sparks when it lands without visible wheels; I didn't try to see whether it was the same with the wheels up indicators glowing red.


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